09 Nov

How many of you remember the first day of your English class? Most of our high school English classes have begun with the title, “How to write my essay." Isn't it? I remember panicking with building a thesis statement. Every time the teacher told me ways to improve it, I would mess it up. Later after an enormous struggle, many times feeling like giving up on my dream to be a writer I understood how to master with words. Words are strange until you don't mean them they won't come to your head. Being a writer demands feelings and emotions. For example, if you are to write about sadness, you won't be able to pen down anything readable about it unless you have not experienced it. Likewise, happiness demands the same thing. You have to fly in the wings of beautiful melody of a happy days to be able to describe in the actual sense of what it means to be happy.

 Well, of course, we were also taught that there are various types of writing. Some essay writings require you to do proper research. Learning research takes time too, but it isn't impossible. Nothing is useless if you are motived enough to start something. Different citation styles, formatting a proper paragraph, avoiding plagiarism these are things you need to master in if you want to be a good essay writer.

 Now that is obvious that everything has its own rules and regulations. For example, an essay requires you to write in short paragraphs. If you somehow violate this rule and keep writing long articles, you would end up confusing your reader. When we are told to write in short paragraphs, it is because short paragraphs convey a clear and concise message to the readers. Likewise, you are also required to write only one idea in one paragraph. You can use quotes that can relate to the idea otherwise if you are talking about something else in your paragraph and put some quotes that discuss something else that would be an irrelevant usage of referencing. The correct way of referencing, for example, would be, fast food isn't good for health because it causes obesity and to prove your point more valid and correct you may cite from a source some fact and figures concerning obesity. For instance, you can find some articles that say around 50 percent of young children who rely on fast food are at risk of obesity.

 We were taught at the beginning of high school that, for persuasive topics, your writing style has to be more engaging because you are turning someone no to yes or yes to no. You need to be well prepared with your points so that you can easily persuade others into trusting your point of view. Most of my classmates loved this writing essay because it would bring a sense of debate with them and in my class arguing was favorite of all except for me I liked poetry.

 Emily Dickenson was my aspiration and Maya Angelou who gave me the motivation to embrace the person within myself will always be cherished in the world of poetry. Sometimes I feel as if without poetry the world of literature is so colorless. Poetry serves as a painting to the world of literature. It brings out the artists in us, and some even believe that words uttered by poets are divine for they come out naturally. They are messages of God from above and give an abundance feeling of love towards oneself and nature.   

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