09 Nov

Admit it or not, everyone wants to be the best student in a class. A student that everyone likes and idealizes that is the center of attention of all teachers and class fellows. This sounds like a hard place to achieve, but believe me, it's not. You can become that student that standouts. 

Just follow the simple tips.

Personal Grooming

It's a fact that no one wants to be near a person that is not clean and tidy.  Everyone likes those who look nice, clean and sharp.  Your clothes don't matter when you are not groomed. Adopt the following ways to groom yourself as a student.

  1. Always stay clean and tidy. 

  2. Take bath daily.

  3. Always wear ironed clothes. 

  4. Always leave for school with nicely brushed hair.

  5. Keep your nails short and clean.

  6. Always look decent and never go overboard with any item like makeup, jewelry or perfume.

  7. Wear clean polished shoes.

  8. Keep your hands and face clean, and moisturized. 

  9. Always brush teeth, at least twice a day. 

  10. Improve your health.

  11. Drink lots of water.

Adopt good behavior

  1. Always be gentle, kind and firm in your one of voice. 

  2. Show good behavior in class.

  3. Always perform class tasks and homework on time.

  4. Reach school on time.

  5. Be punctual.

  6. Don’t eat in class.

  7. Don’t create noise.

  8. Sit in a good company.

  9. Don’t be a bully.

  10. Maintain a good posture.

  11. Improve your tone of speaking.

Participate in class

  1. Always participate in class.

  2. Ask teacher questions, whenever you don’t understand anything.

  3. Raise your hand before speaking.

  4. Always participate in extracurricular activities.

  5. Help your classmates whenever they need it.

  6. Study by heart.

  7. Be a leader, not a boss whenever you are participating in a group activity.

These are the basic tips that you can adapt to standout in class. If your teacher has given you this topic to write essay for me about, use the above tips as an essay writer.  Standing out is easy, just choose the right path and tips. 

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