12 Nov

Our bodies are a gift from God. For staying fit we need to take of our diet, nutrition, exercise, and peace. All these factors contribute to sound life. It is really important to create harmony between mind, heart, and body. 

Following are some ways to detox your body from all sorts of toxins.

  1. Let's start with the mind:

Our mind the main power organ that controls our whole body. For living a life with a clarity we need clarity of mind. Mind full of toxins, in the form of negativity, jealousy and scattered thoughts become home for the depression and other health issues.

So start with emptying your brain with negative thoughts and your heart with negative feelings.

  • The first step is to close the door for negativity and unwanted stimulus in the brain. Keep yourself away from negative people, and situations that ruin your peace.

  • Detach yourself from an artificial lifestyle. 

  • Restrain your time spending on electronic and social media. Use gadgets less and less.

  • Take help from meditation and yoga.

  1. Drink water.

Drinking water cleans your body from toxins, so it is really important to clean the body for it to function properly. 

  • Drink water empty stomach as first thing early in the morning.

  • In the whole day, consume at least eight glasses of water.

  • Make detox water by introducing the fruits and vegetables in the water. You can use, lemon, ginger, mint, and oranges in the detox water. Let the ingredients sit in the water for some time and then consume it as regular water. It helps to clean the digestive system and thus improves it.

  1. Do some stretches                 

At various times in a day, take a break and perform stretches.  This helps to increase flexibility and adds strength to the body. It also reduces fatigue and increases the blood flow in the body. It makes you feel fresh and energized.

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