12 Nov

Animals are the most amazing creature of God. History has witnessed man treating animals brutally. The purpose behind this can make a long list. Sometimes it's for food, Sometimes for their bones and skin, often to carry huge weights and so on. Another form of harming animals is testing drugs on them.

What is animal testing all about?

From the sixteenth century onwards, animals are being used for the purpose of testing. So what kind of tests are performed on these animals? Sometimes they are of behavioral nature and sometimes of medical nature. 

In behavioral testing animals, the behavior is studied by keeping them in a certain controlled environment. You must be thinking what harm behavioral testing brings to animals? The controlled environment often has an extremely high or low temperature, and often it keeps animals hungry. Do you think it is the right thing to do? Of course not!

Let me bring your attention to the other form of testing, medical testing. So what happens animals are conditioned with various diseases and medicines, and drugs are tested to see their effectiveness in treating an ailment. What makes it so cruel that most of the animals are kept in unbearable conditions which lead them to death. 

Where are animal rights? 

When you are stuck in your Semester, you can go to the essay writing service free. But who will take care of the animal's rights? Who will assist them? Do you think their life is least important? Absolutely not! Those who think like this need to think again. Like humans they have the right to live, they have the right to protect and feed their children. Who are we to kill them and let their kids suffer? Who has given us the right to kill the creature of God? We must demand the government and authorities make strict laws and ensure compliance.

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